How were your microscope images created?

What is your set-up for microscopic images?

I execute the set-up with an objective microscope lens mounted to my 35 mm camera. With the microscopic lens (15 x magnification), the depth of field is only about 5 microns (5 thousandths of a millimetre), less than the thickness of a human hair. To be able to get a photo with everything in focus, I use a technique called focus stacking. I shoot a series of images with the focus changed manually between each shot while painting with light to capture as much detail as I can. For some photos, I take up to 150 individual images and “stack” them in post-production to create a composite picture of all of the in-focus parts of each image.

Here is a little time-lapse I took while shooting a microscopic focus stack

In the video you can see:

  • I alternate between changing the focus on the lens & pressing the remote shutter on the laptop
  • Over 100 shots were taken that I later stacked in Helicon Focus software
  • The swinging lights above are Lume Cube LEDs that I hang inside a stocking