Michelle McFarlane  Photographic Artist
Melbourne, Australia

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Before & after shots

Exhibition installation at the Goat Gallery

My exhibition Death on the Street is up! The opening will be this Friday in Natimuk, Victoria for all those who can make it.

BTS before and after shots

BTS before and after shots

Before and after shots of the food at life size taken with a phone camera and the result after being photographed through the microscope with fancy lights and focus stacking.

How were your microscope images created?

How were your microscope images created?

I execute the set-up with an objective microscope lens mounted to my 35 mm camera. With the microscopic lens (15 x magnification), the depth of field is only about 5 microns (5 thousandths of a millimetre), less than the thickness of a human hair. To be able to get a photo with everything in focus, I use a technique called focus stacking. I shoot a series of images with the focus changed manually between each shot while painting with light to capture as much detail as I can. For some photos, I take up to 150 individual images and “stack” them in post-production to create a composite picture of all of the in-focus parts of each image.