Macroinvertebrate Identification


Discovering whether your waterway is polluted through Bug Identification

The results of my day out in the pond with a net, camera and Marion Huxley, a Freshwater Ecologist from BugUp now based with Sydney Water. We produced 30 macro images and made a booklet to help the community  identify bugs and discover if their waterway is healthy or polluted.


The BugUp book

The ID book has 30 aquatic macroinvertebrates from the South Eastern region. The book provides people with the instructions and knowledge to find, catch and identify water bugs.

This is an actual experiment that scientists use to explore and discover if water is polluted or not.

Bug detectives!



The insects stay in the pond water when in the observation tray so they can be put back at the end of the session


Putting the BugUp I.D. book to the test

The participants are encouraged to identify which bugs they see. Some of the kids were disappointed not find every bug listed on the sheet so a variant of the book is in the works.


Now you see them everywhere!

It was a terrific discussion point about different types of aquatic environments, and why some bugs may not have been in this water (cleanliness, etc).

The team

Marion Huxley - Fresh Water Ecologist

Marion Huxley

Kate McMahon - Teacher

Kate McMahon - Teacher

Kate McMahon

Michelle McFarlane - Photographer

Michelle McFarlane - Photographer

Michelle McFarlane