Australian Sapphires

Michelle has a special relationship with a small town called Rubyvale up in the Gemfields region of Central Queensland where she is working with Sapphires by running D.I.Y. Beer Can Studio workshops at the pub and teaching local fossickers new, no budget, inventive ways to photograph their own gems.



Gemstone Photography

The images of Sapphires on this page were photographed inside a hand-made tin foil studio with a microscope lens attached to an SLR camera while out on the Gemfields.



The Gemfields


The Gemfields is a locality in Central Queensland in Australia with a population of 1630. As the name suggests, the main industry in The Gemfields is sapphire mining. The locality contains three small towns: Anakie, Rubyvale, and Sapphire where Michelle visits during GemFest, an annual festival in the region and has an ongoing relationship with Rubyvale where she is working with Sapphires by running workshops at the pub teaching fossickers how photograph their own gems inside beer cans.