Sacred Heart Mission Women's House

A collaborative photographic project : 

Grey st, St Kilda, 2011

2011 Copyright - MMP - Michelle McFarlane Photography



The footpath Gallery is a participatory art project that transforms personal messages in to pieces of artistic work that are pasted directly on to a wall on Grey St in the heart of St Kilda, Melbourne.

The black & white photographic posters encourage participants from Sacred Heart Mission Women’s House to discover, reveal and share their work with the community.

Six digital cameras are available for use once a week where a social topic and camera technique will be used to inspire the content captured on outings with participants, one staff member and a local professional photographer, Michelle McFarlane.


Posting to the wall in Grey St

Why the wall?

When we make something public we have the true sense of being an ‘artist’. Once people see it, it becomes a reality, which provides an opportunity to take something from within, bring it out, release it back in to the street and let it go. Putting it directly in public view gives the space for an encounter between subject and interpreter. Thus an exchange has occurred, we are giving back to society, in turn our voice has been heard. 

Here lies the key to engaging the community:  when we reach out and touch the wall, that’s the moment art comes to life.



Group sessions - taking photos out on the field


Some of the high quality images produced from the gallery