Light from within:

Regardless of what we are doing and how we feel we all have a space within us that allows our highest qualities to shine. My photoshoots are a fun collaborative experience. I create an environment with genuine reassurance, open discussion and guidance where people feel safe to explore themselves in front of the camera.

I call this photographic technique; lighting from within.’’

Michelle from MMP studio


Communicating moments through photography

Graduating a Bachelor of Applied Science – Photography, Michelle has cast her lens on to all corners of the globe. Her travels, and her love of walking, has taken her to places within diverse cultures and environments way off the beaten track.


Who is on the other side of the lens?

Lighting fire pots with Jean-Charles from Cie Carabosse at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Fire Gardens show.


 Associates & additional services


Bob Guegan

Drone Pilot

Eva Mezei


Victor Holder

Motion Graphics