Michelle’s scope of work is unified by an affection for the unusual. Her cyclopedic subject matter encompasses the world around us: the minute, the provocative, the pragmatic and the human. Scaffolded by a career in commercial and clinical photography, her methodical approach to inventing new photographic techniques has steered her toward exposing visible and invisible forces behind the natural and human-made worlds.

Image making is a place where I can find what’s in my blind spot; daily I observe the world around us and find qualities that are impossible to control and measure. In theory, we apply formulas, laws and standards to photography, but in practice, some subjects do not respond in the way we predict. It is only through the process of questioning those principles that my perspective translates into a unique and honest image,
— Michelle. M

Who is on the other side of the lens?

Lighting fire pots with Jean-Charles from Cie Carabosse at the Melbourne International Arts Festival, Fire Gardens show.


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