Extracting data from visuals


Michelle often works alongside experts in their field. She has photographed countless situations in laboratories, clinics and research environments behind the scenes and directly with patients, hospital staff and the general public. She is committed to the ethical standards of these organisations and with a fluid approach knows how to work amongst the hazards and limitations that arise to reduce the impact on the people around her whether it be out on the field, on site or even underground. 





Treasures of the Museum (2004), hardback publication

A 3 month assignment to produce the imagery for Museum Victoria's 150th anniversary publication.

Valuable Collections


Sometimes people need more than a photographer.


That idea that has been bouncing around in your head has been waiting for the right time, some funding and the perfect team to pull it off. It takes a special kind of person to pursue a dream in a low budget environment but that is often what it takes to attract the interest of professionals in their field who are looking for a challenge. Michelle loves to be crew on these kinds of projects; the hands on as well as documenting the process and providing promotional material for proposals and acquittals.



International Arts


Regional Workshops

Give your business a fresh look


An image library of headshots, personality photos, client interaction, lifestyle, products & services are the best way to showcase your large or small business online. Michelle can capture you in the midst of work or set-up specific scenarios that you wish to highlight.


The Dandenongs.jpg

The sickness of long thinking


This series of images is an ongoing project that started with me as a passenger on some irregular travel routes. ‘The sickness of long thinking’, was inspired by a theme featured in a book given to me in 2007 by my partner who read it on his return trip to France from his mother’s funeral. I finished the book on my journey from Africa to his unanticipated funeral two months following. The story is a book of journeys, disappearance, grief, the isolation of living in a remote town, winter partners and the sickness of long thinking. 

If I allow my soul to listen carefully I can hear the land murmur tales of its own transformation through love and loss.



Walk on the wild side


Michelle has cast her lens on to all corners of the globe. Her travels, and her love of walking, has taken her to places within diverse cultures and environments way off the beaten track.